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Kanaph Huts. 

100 Fold Studio Design Build 

2017 | Professional 

100 Fold Studio

The design build took place in Battambang, Cambodia as part of a summer studio by 100 Fold Studio. As an intern for the firm in Battambang, I was asked to help staff the build —  coordinate and lead 15 college students and lead the construction drawings for the project. 

The project was a set of meeting spaces for the students, residents, and employees of the University of the Nations and Youth With a Mission campus. Sitting on a plaza outside the cafeteria of the campus, the master plan allows for four meeting huts. The purpose of the design build was to create a set of functional, economical, flexible, and beautiful spaces for the campus and greater community.

The studio designed and built two huts for the campus, and produced a set of construction documents and diagrams for the teams to follow. It was important to the studio to design something that was applicable and usable beyond the 9-week studio, and beyond the U of N and YWAM campus. The studio was not simply about creating two huts over the summer, but providing a working set of drawings to reproduce the hut all over Youth With a Mission campuses or elsewhere for similar clients. It was important to the studio to use local materials, including what is called “cookie” wood, a hard wood that wears well in all of the tropical storms that roll through Cambodia, and also bricks used for steps.


A full CD set is available.

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