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Natalie Boverman is a Master in Urban Planning and Master in Architecture candidate at Harvard University's Graduate School of Design and is a Research Assistant at the Joint Center for Housing Studies.

Natalie has worked in interior design, architecture and non-profit industries, completing community design-build projects in both Montana and Battambang, Cambodia, and has studied urban architecture in Paris, France. In 2019, Natalie co-authored an independent research project on housing affordability and land tenure in Cambodia, and completed several office and higher education projects with ZGF Architects LLP before returning to academia. She is interested in taking her unique set of skills and passions to study today's problems at multiple scales and learn how to best elevate others through and in the built environment. 


Natalie grew up in Portland, Oregon and completed an Interior Design degree at the University of Texas at Austin in the School of Architecture. 



current interests and intersections:

incremental development, timber, building preservation/reuse, rural and small towns, wild-fire protection, housing affordability, writing.

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