Inside (the) Boundaries.

IIDA Booth

2016 | Academic

Professor Igor Sidiqqui

As a booth for the International Interior Design Association, this design aims to provide an experience that immerses one into the realm of interior design while testing and transcending ones typical visual boundaries.


The main concept of an immersive interior experience arose in a funnel form. To define the spaces around the “funnel” and to test spatial perception, the design utilizes a tectonic structure with colored translucent planes. These planes take form as custom scrim wall panels and colored floor planes. These flexible planes, along with the tectonic structure of the design, tests spatial boundaries and also creates a dialogue between interior and exterior.


The structure and form of the space are ideal for the trade show because of the limited amount of material needed. Being a booth that will only stand for five days, it is important to be environmentally responsible and conscious of the amount of material being used for such a short life.

Original study models begin to articulate the tectonic structure of the form as well as explore the use of a translucent material.

Diagrams show the flexibility of the design and possible placements of custom scrim panels.