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Lakeside Kiosks.

100 Fold Studio Design Build

2016 | Professional

100 Fold Studio 

Designed for the Westshore Visitors Bureau- a group of community members who facilitate business, community events, and visitor information for the town of Lakeside, this set of kiosks provide both information and community identity.

The project was a group of information kiosks that would provide information to visitors passing through Lakeside on HWY 93, and also keep local residents up to date on Lakeside happenings. The design concept was a colony of kiosks that could provide the needed program and client requirements, including signage and attraction on the S side to those entering town and information on the N side for locals. Each kiosk was constructed using 7 structural bays that were then clad to allow for signage. The center kiosk allows for a small lockable storage room for the client to stock and maintain the kiosks.

A specific role I and one other student took on was the design and coordination of the steel work for the kiosks. We designed in AutoCAD the detail and coordinated with a local steel shop to cut the pieces. We then went in to the shop to finish the pieces, including cutting the backing and countersinking the steel letters and shapes.

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