Tretorn Studios.

2018 | Academic

Professor Primo Oprilla

Given an empty warehouse with no distinct site, the design of Tretorn Sweden's US headquarters has transformed not only the space but the company's work flow.

Tretorn's new space was crafted from the company's past and present success. Distilling the company's wild history - beginning as a rubber factory and launching into the hipster's sneaker of choice - provided a vast array of materiality and workflow to draw on. Three main stategies arose from Tretorn's history - Urban Sko, Gummistovlar, and Sportskor. Urban shoe, rain boot, and sports shoe - three elements that remain at the core of Tretorn's success.


Urban Sko drives the main organization of the project, the belief that Tretorn is at heart an industrial and urban company, stemming from its birth in Helsingborg Sweden. Tall brick walls throughout the space showcase Tretorn's history through their materiality and cut-out display openings. The space is both divided and connected by a system of paved paths. Not only does this organization strategy allow the space a unique set of spaces, it plays on the idea of scale - the urban and the interior.


Both Sportskor and Gummistovlar are manifested in testing facilities in the workplace - a tennis court made of both clay and hard surfaces - and a sensored and controlled rain room that allows employs to test their rain products from their essential rubber boots to trench coats and the current prototypes. These two facilities also provide spaces for employees to take a break from their work - either by hitting the ball or sitting in the rain room.

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